Copyright / Ancillary Copyright


Information concerning copyright and ancillary copyrights can be found here (in German).




The usage of my artwork is explicitly allowed for non-commercial purposes without permission, as long as the exceptions below are considered.

I endorse free sharing of artistic content within non-commercial frameworks to support an important and growing global communication.

Apart from the cases below all exhibited images on this website can be used for personal purposes as long as



(1) my name as author or this website is provided as source,

(2) changes of images or text are clearly indicated.





(1) The approval above is not valid for third-party material, for which a third-party holds the copyright. In such a case the permission must be obtained by its creator.




(2) All Logos and trademakrs designed by me are not included in the approval.


(3) Strictly excluded is any kind of usage related to political, religious, violent or glorifying violence, pornographic, inflammatory, ciminal or discriminatory content.




(4) The presentation of this website in other frames is only allowed with an written permission.


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